Published on June 17, 2018


Kickstart the day roach from last night
New flight schedule for the day light
Whether/not would start with the same spice
Special herbs green lettuce devil on strike
Inspired but need a boost coffee on ice
2 nah make that 3 shots a red-eyes
Fuel to the plot nice world domination
Picking at your brain disguised as animation
Juggernaut flip them invent them
Should show pity to the crutches of my denim
On and nonstop no pit stop mental
Seldom out but them vox on venom
Or carnage never utter no garbage
Spark the harvest ma blow like cartridge
Pothead camouflage as an artist
Lines drop from altitude gorgeous
Radioactive radio waves practiced
Played out actress dead word did justice
Mind’s axis counter spins madness’s
Fabric stained bleached with no success
Abscess in my filling pain fulfilling
A biscuit chilling with candies this living
Think diff exit serves your interest
Ice cream trying to portray a blizzard
Tailor scissors sharp hard like threading needles
With beer goggles jamming to the Beatles
Money can buy love they make it illegal
Low key regal Buick burning my peoples
Smoke away evils stencils rap sequels
Already know with this ain’t no equal
Steeple cathedral frequent
To yell at the skies variate my cadence
Spawned to the dizzy dawn shadows you nearest
Til optimal in & out swift fearless
Intubate your chick my dick no ventilation
Lidocaine needed no tube branched patient
Patient til my doe they fuck with
Then it on and popping J Prince can’t stop shit

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